Albany Symphony Orchestra

The mission of the Albany Symphony Association is to enrich the quality of life in southwest Georgia by providing and promoting symphonic music through the organization, development and support of a symphony orchestra and related educational, artistic, and diverse cultural activities.

Claire Fox Hillard Albany Symphony Orchestra DirectorClaire Fox Hillard brings a unique flair to the podium, establishing outstanding rapport with musicians and audiences alike. His musical mastery and energy elicits the very best from musicians, inspiring them to perform at peak ability, to which audiences respond with great enthusiasm. The Ukrainian News Service observed that “Both ingeniousness and responsiveness were noticed in Hillard’s interpretation…along with the organic combination of relaxation, strictness and consistency.” The Kansas City Star commented “…Maestro Hillard kept a firm command…we were sent away with the energy and excitement that is Mozart’s legacy.” And recently the Abilene Reporter-News said that “…Hillard and the Philharmonic brought passion and purpose to the music.”

Since his European debut in 1994 he has conducted the Karlovarsky symfonicky orchestr and Moravian Philharmonic in the Czech Republic, L’Orchestre Chapelle de Lorraine in Brussels, the Filharmonica “Banatul” and Filharmonica Paul Constantnescu in Romania, the Orquesta Sinfonica de San Pedro Sula in Honduras, the Karkov Philharmonic in Ukraine, the Gdansk Philharmonic in Poland, the National Russian Philharmonic and the Orquestra Sinfonica Caxias do Sul in Brazil.

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Executive Director Joelle Leigh Fryman

Joëlle Leigh Fryman earned her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies with a Minor in Vocal Music Performance from Capital University where she performed in numerous theatrical and musical productions including A Streetcar Named Desire, Blythe Spirit, and A Midsummer Night's Dream. Following her completion of this program, she auditioned for and was offered a position with Columbus Children's Theatre (CCT), a long-standing nonprofit children's theatre located in Columbus, Ohio, as a member of their Professional Touring Company and as a Professional Teaching Artist for their Academy. She worked in this capacity for two years before being asked to step into the position of Interim Education Director for the CCT Academy, a position that she then moved into full-time. After a four-year tenure as the Education Director, Fryman took leave from CCT in order to continue her education at the University of Akron in Akron, Ohio, where she received her Masters of Arts in Arts Administration and Nonprofit Management.

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Claire Fox Hillard
Music Director & Conductor
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Joelle Leigh Fryman
Executive Director
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Eric Bradshaw
Orchestra Personnel Manager
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Kristina Van der Puy
Orchestra Librarian and Administrative Assistant
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Mark Davis
Recording Engineer

Marcia Mitchell Hood

Tim McLean
Immediate Past-President

Fred Sharpe
Vice President

Dacia Berry

Greg Fullerton

Lori Van Linden
Mary Helen Morgan
Ben Roberts
Hon. Louis Sands
Fred Sharpe
Ralph Scoccimaro
Jim Womack
Selina Wingfield


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