Ticket sales only account for a small percentage of our annual budget, so show your support today!?

YOU our patron, our donor, our friend, make what we do possible. Whether you are able to donate $10 or $100 or $1,000, we appreciate all you do and encourage you to continue your support of our wonderful organization.

2018-2019 Season Donors will be acknowledged in the 2019-2020 Season Program



Thank you to our 2018-2019 Season Donors

Orchestra Friend – Up to $99

  • Mariellen Bateman
  • Sylvia Berry
  • Laurence and Barbara Danzer
  • Grace Renard
  • Bernard Scoggins
  • Ed Landau, III
  • Thomas Burks
  • Idiko Babka
  • Ralph Scoccimaro
  • Charles Capps
  • Timothy Brooks
  • Joseph Wingard
  • Adrienne Hill
  • Giving Assistance
  • Amazon

Section Player – $100-$249

  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Hoopes
  • Cheryl Gelder-Kogan & Dr. Barry A. Kogan
  • Virginia Skalla
  • Dr. Rajeev N. Parikh

First Chair – $250-$499

  • Joseph Stubbs
  • Mr. and Mrs. E. Stapleton
  • Tommy Chambless
  • Reed and Nancy Freeman
  • Hon. Judge Louis Sands

Concertmaster – $500-$999

  • Marilyn Ray
  • Jo Jones

Conductor’s Circle – $1,000-$2,499

  • Richard and Lynn Kennedy

Golden Baton – $2,500-$4,999

Virtuoso – $5,000-$9,999

Legacy Society – $10,000 +

Memorial Gifts

Linda Leegar Stokes
Given by the family of Linda Leegar Stokes.

Rev. Albert J. Veltkamp
Given by Mr. and Mrs. Claire F. Hillard.

Mrs. Becky Milner
Given by Mr. and Mrs. Claire F. Hillard.

Mr. W. T. Henry
Given by Mr. and Mrs. Claire F. Hillard.